Coaching - Writing - Consulting

I have a Doctor of Education and Master’s degree specializing in Adult Education. I’ve also worked in A LOT of sectors including:

  • Indigenous communities and organizations (facilitation, capacity development, training, education planning, grant writing, strategic planning, negotiation, and more).

  • Natural Resource management (fisheries, forestry, mining)

  • Community Development (youth work, facilitation and remote Indigenous communities)

  • Non-profit Organizations (development, fundraising, Board member, and more)

  • Healthcare Administration (managed multi-million dollar teams and projects)

  • Higher Education (Administration and still active faculty in Communications Studies)

I bring diverse expertise in writing, research, strategy, and instructional design to offer a comprehensive suite of services.

I provide Ghostwriting services for individuals and organizations. This includes:

  • Social Media Posts: Captivating content tailored to engage your audience and enhance your online presence.

  • Newsletters: Insightful and informative newsletters that can reflect your organization or brand’s genuine voice, values, and expertise

  • Thought Leadership: Persuasive pieces that establish your authority and expertise in your field.

  • Educational Content: Engaging and informative materials designed to educate and inspire your audience.

  • Course Development and Writing: Designing and writing educational courses and training that align with goals, incorporating interactive and learner-centred methods to facilitate deeper learning and engagement.

  • Grant and Proposal Planning and Writing: Crafting detailed and compelling grant proposals and planning documents, focusing on aligning your project's objectives with the values and criteria of funding bodies. This service includes thorough research, strategic alignment, narrative development, and creation of persuasive arguments to maximize the potential for funding success.

I also provide strategic consultation and planning for various organizations in various sectors. I focus on providing supports that meet the unique needs of each project, individual and organization I work with.

I am open to offering a sliding scale for non-profit organizations.

For more details on how I can enhance your educational or writing projects, consider scheduling a consultation through my website. Or reply directly to this page.