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A Box Cutter has many uses beyond its name, for example, it’s also called a utility knife.

I'm a bit like a box cutter for much of my life. I've worked in many industries and sectors. I’ve been faculty in several disciplines: Human Resources, Communications, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Community Development.

In 2022, I decided to cut out of boxes. A box that included a six-figure salary, full benefits, etc. Part of that related to over half a decade as a senior healthcare administrator. I was deeply immersed in emergency pandemic planning and response for years.

Something had to change.

I have set out to be the CEO of my own time and energy.

Now, I Write for and Think with Indigenous, non-profit, and educational organizations. I also Ghostwrite for business owners and education companies.

I have built digital writing businesses from scratch. In under a year, I grew my revenues beyond what I used to make as an office jockey.

This website Box Cutter Co. — and two newsletters (Box Cutter and The Soul-preneur Series) — are part of that journey. As I’m learning and solving problems and challenges, I share those with you.

I enjoy researching, writing, synthesizing — and making things that are useful for others — like a utility knife with many uses. I specialize in designing educational courses and content. I frequently share details and updates on that work.

About David

Over the past decade-plus, our household has involved raising three kids - in a double-blended family. One each prior to getting married, and one between us in our marriage.

Yes, complicated.

This complexity also required some stability in income and less travel. When we blender’ed this family together, I let a consulting company I had built sit idle and took on senior administrative roles in higher education and then health care. I became an office jockey and cubicle critter.

I am not wired to be a boxed-in office worker. I have returned back to running my own business.

My past work has included: Indigenous community development, fisheries, forestry, mining, treaty negotiation, tourism, education, healthcare, and sport.

My CV is eclectic, which matches my interests.

I have been fortunate in completing a Doctor of Education degree specializing in online education; a Masters degree in Adult Education; and an undergrad in business administration. All completed while working full-time as an Administrator and raising three kids.

I did not start post-secondary until my 30s. In my late 20s I completed a 10,000 km solo bicycle trip between Inuvik, in the Arctic and Los Angeles, California. Up until that point, I had worked in and travelled to many places.

I’ve flipped burgers and picked fruit in Australia, swam with sharks in Belize, and floated cold glacial-fed rivers to count salmon - to name a few.

I was raised on a small collection of islands off the northwest coast of British Columbia in Canada. Haida Gwaii.

I draw on my diverse experiences in my business, in my writing and in illustrations.

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You can also find out more about me on my website. As well as the educational startup and social enterprise that my wife and I started in mid-2023 👉 Humanity Academy.

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I left a 6-figure career in April '22. Since then, I've built Solopreneur digital writing businesses from scratch. This is producing income beyond what I left. Every week, I share systems, processes and thoughts about building a creative business-of-one.


Building digital writing and micro-education businesses from scratch. I Ghostwrite for business owners & education companies (and others). I have a Doctor of Education in Online Education and almost 20 years of Instructional Design and educating.